Top 10 Best Vampire Professional Tools of 2022

In this article, we have listed down some of the Best Vampire Professional Tools available on the market. We use AI and big data to collect and evaluate information about various products online. To help you find the perfect Vampire Professional Tools we constantly update our collection with new and trending models. As an affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

10 Best Vampire Professional Tools

Based on quality, performance, features, customer reviews, and ratings, the followings are the top 10 best-selling Vampire Professional Tools:

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In the following section, we’ve listed the key features and benefits of each of these Vampire Professional Tools. Read these features to identify which Vampire Professional Tools fulfill your needs.

Vampire Tools VT-001-SS World's Best Solder Sucker Compact and Durable Aluminum Body/Heat Resistance Silicone Nozzle+Spare Silicone Tube, Makes a Best Gift must have for any de-soldering needs SS-02
  • Innovative Silicone Nozzle allows closer placement to soldering iron tip (therefore better suction & better solder removal.
  • Compact design allows easy one-handed operation. Self-cleaning shaft allows high productivity of continual work without clogging.
  • Withstands direct contact with soldering iron (350C Max).
  • Made in Japan with highest quality construction & components. High-powered.
  • Low maintenance cost, owing to spare tube, only required for replacement.
VamPLIERS VT-011 Super Combo Scissors Best Shears 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Compact Design Slice Through Copper Wire Stainless Steel Blades/Shear Leather/Slice Nylon Rope/Best Gift (Retail)
  • Cuts any material - wire, leather, paper, fabric, rope, CD, thin films, cabtyre cord, and branches.
  • Micro serrated blades that prevent slippage of material being cut. Great for light industrial use.
  • Wire Cutters that cut through copper and steel wires with ease.
  • Box opener located on outside edge of scissors to safely open boxes. Blade cover included for safety.
  • Ergonomic handles; patented not to catch fingers.
VAMPLIERS, Best Made Pliers by Vampire Tools Inc. Patented Technology Screw Extraction Pliers for any damage/rusted/security/specialty screw nuts and bolt (VamPLIERS VT-001)
  • Made In Japan, VamPLIERS Patented Multi-Purpose Remove stripped rusted corroded, damaged, jammed screws, bolts, nuts
  • Extract screws with unique or tamper-proof head, torx, one way security screws, Wire Cutter and Cable wire twisting made easy.
  • Environmentally friendly, Comfortable grip made of elastomer ergonomic handle grips, RoHS Compliant smooth varnished finish
  • Patented VAMPLIERS Technology vertically and horizontally serrated jaws which bite into screw heads without slipping
  • Disclaimer: Specially hardened or glued screws may not be removed by VamPLIERS
VAMPLIERS World's Best Pliers, Solder Sucker, Screw Extraction mini Plier+Needle Nose+Long nose & mini Nippers ESD Safe for IT/iPhone/Mac & PC/Electronic Repair (4-PC Mini Precision Pliers)
  • Best Made Tools VamPLIERS By Vampire Tools Inc. Offers Best 4-PC Set Made in Japan Designed with VamPLIERS Technology, Great for I.T. / iPhone/Mac & PC/Electronic Repair
  • VT-001-5 Ideal for removing stripped or special screws of smaller sizes Designed to handle hardware between 0.08" to 0.21" (2 to 5.5mm) in diameter ESD Safe
  • Vampliers 5.5" Mini Long Nose Pliers VT-001-5LN World's Best Pliers ESD Safe for Precision Work on PCB/SMD Electronics and Small Components
  • Vampliers 4.75" Mini Precision Nippers VT-001-5MN World's Best Pliers ESD Safe, Sharp Cutting Jaws for Precision Work on Electronics Copper Wires
  • Vampliers 5.5" Mini Needle Nose Pliers VT-001-5NN World's Best Pliers Non-serrated ESD Safe for Precision Work on PCB/SMD Electronics and Small Components
Vampire Tools Shears 6 1/4" Fiber Optic Best Kevlar Cutters + eShears - All-In-One Electrician's Scissors + Cable Sleeve Stripping Knife for Wire Harness Communications Cable
  • Best Made Tools VamPLIERS Shears By Vampire Tools Inc. VT-001-S3H
  • VT-2951 6.25″ Kevlar Shears Cuts carbon fiber, glass fiber, plastic, canvas, upholstery, headliner, cloth string and many other materials
  • Serrated blade for gripping materials. Non-Serrated blade can be sharpened for longer life of shears Blades made of high carbon alloy steel with Molybdenum & Vanadium HRC60±2, cutting edge hardness HV1200 & RoHS compliant for use in various industries
  • VT-3991 Cable/Harness Sleeve Stripping Knife Slice and strip cable up to 50mm OD Strip wires from 10-20 Gauge AWB
  • Breaks into plastic cable jackets easily with it's serrated tip Metal guide shoe set under jacket leads the cutting edge straight w/o damaging the internal wires
  • VT-3909 eShears All-in-One Electrician’s Scissors Cuts cable ties and assorted electrical material with it's micro-serrated blade. Crimps terminals (0.5 ~ 4mm²) Slice a copper sheet up to 0.5mm thick
  • Clean electrical boxes with notch on outer blade and non-slip Grip lines.
  • Blades made of high carbon alloy steel with Molybdenum & Vanadium HRC60±2, cutting edge hardness HV1200 & RoHS compliant for use in various industries
  • Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter and Aramid Fiber Cutter - Best Scissors & Shears for Kevlar/Plastic/Canvas/Upholstery/Cloth/Fabric/Sailors Rope/Kevlar String/PCB Board/Tape and many others
  • VT-2951 Adjustable pivot point allows the blades tensions to be modified
Recessed Screw Extractor with 2-in-1 Bit Set, a Unique Professional Tool by Vampire Tools
  • Easily removes stripped or damaged flathead, countersunk and recessed screws
  • Saves time
  • No messy drilling required.
  • High Torque handle grip
  • 2 in 1 bit set for Slightly-damage and heavily-damage screws
VamPLIERS! Best Scissors 8" Fiber Optic Kevlar Shears, Carbon Fiber, Dyneema, Glass Fiber, Vectran Shears by Vampire Tools
  • Micro-Serrated Blade for gripping materials during cut
  • Long and Sharp blade to shear fabric
  • Non-Serrated blade can be sharpened
  • Extended tang for durability and efficient force transfer
  • Adjustable Pivot point to modified blades tension-Ambidextrous
VAMPLIERS World's Best Pliers, 4.75" Mini Precision Nippers ESD Safe RoHS compliant for IT/iPhone/Mac & PC/Electronic Repair/Made in Japan
  • Vampire Tools Inc. Bringing the Finest and Best Made Tools, Unique Time Saving Tool! Made in Japan, Compact size with full-flush sharp cutting jaws made from heat-treated carbon steel for excellent cutting performance & durability
  • Can cut through copper wire, soft component lead wires, and other electronic components
  • ESD-safe handles made of thermoplastic elastomer featuring cushioned grip and oil resistance with a spring load for easy operation
  • Strap hole at base of handles for extra security
  • Angle opening adjuster (sets max jaw opening when grips are released) enhances productivity & less hand fatigue for repetitive cutting work
  • Cutting capacity: solid copper wire 1.2mm, stranded copper wire 2.0mm Material: S-58C Carbon Steel with a hardness of HRC 58±4
  • RoHS Compliant for use in various industries
VAMPIRE TOOLS VT-001-SST Spare Silicone Tubes for VAMPIRE TOOLS Solder Sucker
  • Spare Silicone Tubes for Vampire Tools Solder Sucker
  • Comes with three 50mm Silicone Tubes
  • Each tube has a heat resistance of up to 350 °C
  • If the tube is too long, you can cut it to your desired length
VAMPLIERS VT-001-8. 8" PRO Linesman Pliers, Screw Extractor Pliers to Remove Rusted/Damage/Specialty Screws nuts and Bolts (PRO)
  • Remove stripped/rusted/corroded/stuck/one-side/Torx screws, nuts and bolts
  • Designed with VamPLIERS Technology. Target screws can be extracted using top jaw or side jaw
  • Wire cutters hardened to HRC60±2 (Rockwell standard) to handle tough screws
  • Ergonomic elastomer handles for unmatched comfort
  • RoHS compliant for use in various industries

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So, these are all of the best Vampire Professional Tools currently trending on the market. We recommend reading the specifications and features of each of these Vampire Professional Tools and finally pick the right one that fulfills most of your requirements.

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